Pastors & Staff

Apostle Tyronne & Pastor Tonya McCreary

Senior Pastors

Apostle and Pastor McCreary serve as Senior Pastors of KLCM and oversee all ministry operations.

Elder Theresa Black

Campus and Support Teams Elder

Theresa serves as Business Administrator and oversees all of our Ministry Support Teams

Elder Andre Bullard

Service Teams Elder

As our Reconnect to God support Elder, Andre serves and oversees all of our Service Teams

Elder Danny James

Youth Ministries Elder

Danny serves and oversees all of our Youth Ministry Service Teams.

Elder Greg Goodrich

Outreach and Missions Elder

As our Advance the Kingdom support Elder, Greg serves and oversees all Foreign Missions and Community Outreach 

Elder Gerald Gooding

Pastoral Support Elder

As our Connect to Others support Elder, Gerald serves and oversees all of our Pastoral Support Ministries.